Jan 22, 2013

David Guetta feat. Sia - Titanium (Cover by Gary Song)

In high schools, we're required to memorize the chemical elements with atomic number 1-20, namely hydrogen to calcium. Often when you ask a non-chemistry major, he/she doesn't know where the element Titanium falls in the periodic table. Well, titanium has an atomic number of 22, just 2 more than calcium, and it's a transition metal with low density, so it's in one of the middle columns of the periodic table.

Back to the real stuff, Titanium is a famous and powerful English song sung by Australian singer Sia. The original genre of this song is house music (dance). However, this song is composed of nice melody which sounds wonderful as well in acoustic style. I used to think that this song is sung by David Guetta, the French DJ who produced the song and was thinking, "This guy must be crazy as he's able to sing at such higher pitch."

Long ago, Gary, Justin and I had thought of making an acoustic cover of Titanium where I'll be playing erhu, which we finally did it today. G for Gary, so we covered in G major key, which is 5 keys down from the original E♭ major key.

One apparent mistake that we did was me sitting on the right while Justin standing on the left of the video frame. Not only my face is blocked by the erhu neck and tuning pegs, the mic recording from the erhu sound box is visible. But never mind, how the overall outcome sounds is much more important.

I really think adding a Chinese traditional instrument into this Western song cover is really giving it a plus, as you don't find much of these fusion stuffs, putting in erhu is making this cover a special something, besides showing others how possible is to blend erhu in.

Furthermore, I post-harmonized to Gary's singing, at both higher and lower harmony, enhancing the surroundedness.

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