Dec 4, 2012

Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts (Cover by Gary Song & Javin Tham)

This time it's Jar of Hearts, by Christina Perri, covered by Gary Song again. Told you he loves emo songs.

The arrangement of the cover is sort of inspired by the cover by Sam Tsui, especially the a cappella feeling at the bridge, which we managed to copy but with different chords (who cares, because they are unusual chords of a key and I just make the mediant major chord in 1st inversion to an augmented chord consisting of tonic, mediant and dominant sharp notes and the tonic major chord in 2nd inversion to a dominant major chord, if you understand ^^), which comprises of 4 extra voices (2 from me and 2 from Gary) at 2:13. Instead of guitar, Gary is accompanied by me on keyboard, which is rather my forte. I also post-added strings to enrich the arrangement.

The original key of Christina Perri's is E♭ major, and Sam Tsui who is insane covered in that key as well. Gary initially wanted to do two keys down, on D♭ major key, the key that pianists hate the most, but I kept telling him D is actually not too high, and Gary's vocal range is wide enough for that. We ended up covering in D major which is one key down from original, which Gary didn't regret - higher key sounds a bit more impressive. Painstaking is temporary, glory is foreva!

I only noticed at 1:56 Gary looked at the camera after I uploaded to YouTube, I think I was paying too much attention to myself. Haha... If I knew it I would begin the transition to other angle earlier than that.

This is probably one of the best covers that I have produced, because the acoustic, singing and harmony blend together well I guess. And because of the confidence of making a really good cover, it took me a few days to finish the editing. Rendering videos on my slow laptop takes forever, what more a 1080p quality video that I wanted to specially render for this cover. Moreover, I need to rush the completion before I departed for my trip to Indonesia on 7th Dec.

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