Nov 3, 2012

Sparkz Audition @ NUS

The same six of us who've been jamming together under the name of THreshold participated in Sparkz, an annual talent show that provides a platform for all NUS students to showcase their talents.

Our singer Gary had sore throat on that very day, probably because of him drinking the night before. Moreover, we only took the practice seriously a few days before the audition, so the overall performance was definitely below par.

The song we performed is Gotta Catch 'Em All (Pokémon Theme Song)
, which Gary sang before during Rockfest 2012 in the last semester when I was in Sweden for exchange, also which he doesn't like to perform, and I have no idea why 'cause I kinda like to perform this kind of song. He was only more comfortable with performing the song after making the verse acoustic. Weird Gary.

Thanks Gary for being the driver of the day. We spent quite a while to setup the amps at the audition venue. I think the committee has no one with sufficient experience dealing with band logistic. I was pretty panic when the bass amp didn't work. I asked Justin for help, and the epic moment started. Justin plugged out the power plug and analyzing the combination of colors with earth/life for electrical wiring. He then asked the committee members about this and I bet they're scratching their head. In the end he found the correct combination from the internet and the amp was fixed. Justin is the true engineer seriously. I don't even know a single shit of this and the way of applying my knowledge even if I knew.

From my camera

From Sparkz Committee

As you can see, not really impressive, and my harmonizing was pitchy oh gosh. At least it's over, and each of us received a participating certificate, like what we always did in high school.

UPDATE: We made it to the final! Please read my new blog entry.

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