Nov 8, 2012

Adele - Someone Like You (Cover by Smily Lock)

This cover was recorded right after we finished recording Sara Bareilles - Gravity on the same day. Previously I recorded a duplicate of me playing Someone Like You with erhu and keyboard before, this is the vocal cover for it, but not sung by me.

Initially I was to harmonize Smily's singing, but keeping the broken chords or arpeggios on right hand going while harmonizing wasn't as easy as I thought. Therefore, we re-recorded with just only her singing. We recorded quite a number of times until we got a successful one, as there was once I played wrongly and once the camera ran out of memory and we didn't get a full footage of the cover. This results in the not-so-perfect singing quality due to exhaustion (she definitely sings better than that), as compared to Gravity.

I did as what I did for the instrumental version - making the video black and white. Haha... It's taken with one shot, meaning that I didn't use multiple scenes for the cover, to save time for both recording the footage and editing it.

Smily is good at changing the lyrics of the song, from "summer haze" to "summery haze", not done on purpose though. She also added an extra word in the very last chorus of Gravity.

Check it out and hope you'll like it!

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