Nov 18, 2012

Sia - I'm in Here (Piano/Vocal Version) (Cover by Gary Song)

Well, this time is with Gary, our prominent male vocalist from THreshold. It was almost a week before the 1st day of the exam week, but seriously, my motivation for recording a cover had more than what it takes to outweigh my study mood (but I did study, I don't wanna disappoint my parents and myself).

Gary likes to sing emo song and he hates singing funky, cute, too-well-known songs like Gotta Catch 'Em All, Dumb Ways to Die, Call Me Maybe, which he perceives as 'childish'? I'm like the completely opposite one, as I would love to perform these songs because they allow me to show more stage presence potentially. He chose to sing I'm in Here by Sia, the Australian singer-songwriter who sang Titanium. The song is a single from her album We Are Born and there're actually two versions of this song in it. Of course, Gary is singing the Piano/Vocal Version (Track No.14).

Instead of the original A minor key, we transposed the song down to F minor key (major 3rd drop). This time I harmonized, and I think the effect was ok. I turned off the band room ceiling lights and left only my mini light on, which made Gary keep complaining about the blinding bright light, but at least that brings out the emo feel, as you can see the Gary's shadow casting on the wall, haha...

If you're watching the video and listening through your laptop loudspeaker, the keyboard's sound might be too loud for the vocals. So would you kindly put on your headset or earphone while watching?

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