Nov 8, 2012

Sara Bareilles - Gravity (Cover by Smily Lock)

Sara Bareilles, a name that I wouldn't have heard before if I didn't have a chance to perform one of her song, Gravity during Chillout, an annual internal concert organized by THreshold (Temasek Hall Band). In fact, I don't know the name of most English song singers unless they're famous enough for a non-English song listener like me.

So Smily was the singer from THreshold that performed Gravity and I accompanied her singing on keyboard. This is just another soul capturing song. Being emotional and moving, the original song is accompanied by merely piano and strings, and the specially themed MV is a one-shot one. What a pleasure to play the song when you're soaking yourself in the sea of the song's melody and arrangement.

I then invited Smily (it's her real official and registered name by the way) to make a cover for that song with me, as I found her interesting, with the potential of being wild. And one outrageous fact is, she's studying medicine. NUS really produces or admits insane talents. With her characteristic and enthusiasm I know she would agree with making a cover, and ya she did.

Having thought of shooting from multiple angles, I prefer shifting the keyboard to the center area of the bandroom because the yellow door on the right of the keyboard is gonna be scene killing. However we just moved to an area with less ceiling light coverage, and the mini light that I brought was running out of battery thus having low intensity.

But well, the post editing seems to be quite okay. And I remembered to remind Smily to follow her posture in the first successful recording of audio and video, to prevent continuity error, since I don't have more than one camera to shoot at multiple angles at the same time. The outcome was pretty smooth.

I love recording using the mixer as Adobe Audition in my laptop directly records the sound from the mixer without needing me to record with my iPhone again and import to the software and put the tracks in place. Moreover, the USB input allows internal recording compared to the 3.5mm input (usually red) that somehow always produces over-excessive noise. Nevertheless, Temasek Hall's Pro Audio Crew or THreshold should consider investing in a pop filter.

So, before summing up, please listen to the original song (the embedded YouTube video above). The unaccompanied C5 at the end of the bridge sung by Sara might take your breath away and give you goose bumps.
Finally, please enjoy our cover and subscribe to my channel! ^^

PS: Smily, you owe me a treat for removing your blemishes without hardly any hitch. :)

Javin Tham MSc, PMP, PMI-ACP, CSSBB, CQPA, CQIA, MSOE, MIPlantE Industrie 4.0 Consultant | Pop Piano Coach | YouTube Coverist

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