Oct 20, 2012

GET OUT 2012

This is the continuation of my previous blog entry about the song cover We Are Young. Please read it if you haven't.

We Are Young
Considering our cover video as a last minute production and last minute submission, it's so unbelievable that we're now the 1st prize winner of Central Singapore CDC GET OUT 2012 People's Band Competition!!! It's owing to our supportive Temasek Hall residents aka Temasekians.

Having crowned the competition entitled us a newspaper phone interview from The New Paper. I'm definitely more than delightful to see myself for the first time in a Singapore's local newspaper.

You can read from more related online news at AsiaOne.com, The New Paper and NUS Newshub.

The next entitlement is none other than the prizes ($3,000 product voucher, a studio single and MTV), apart from an invitation to perform on this Saturday at The Promontory @ Marina Bay. Damn cool isn't it?

See who's the event host... Chua En Lai!! He's one of my favorite casts in "The Noose".

Everything went fine in that afternoon, and we're supposed to have part of the MV shot in the late afternoon. Unfortunately, it rained and not only the MV shooting was cancelled, that area became so muddy and disappointing, as the live performance by us was most likely going to be cancelled. It was really bad, all of us hid under the Esplanade Bridge because we didn't expect the rain when we're already ready for MV shooting at the Merlion Park.

That evening was really a disaster, until the rain finally stopped. Thankfully we still got to perform at last. As the last band, we're only given time for two songs (Always by Bon Jovi and Sing by My Chemical Romance) due to time constraint and the delay.

Awesome supporters from Temasek Hall

Price award
(I forgot to mention that the $500 guitar Terie's holding is part of the $3000 product 'voucher')

With other THreshold members

The Temasekians

Some call it a hostel, we call it home

Stage lighting and sound were awesome, despite the disappointing weather.
This again adds on to my colorful final year experience.

For more photos, please check out my photo album GET OUT 2012 on Facebook.

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