Sep 14, 2012

Breakdance: V-Kick

As you're turning to a year 4 undergraduate, you'll soon realize that your friends who used to reside in the same hall with you are scattered around the other corners of the campus. When I was in year 2, Wilsen, Jason, Yi Kee and I had a weekly breakdance session where I sort of 'coached' them for some breakdance moves.

The number of close friends staying in hall is becoming less and less from time to time.

Airchair @ Vienna, Austria
It's really so hard to see breakdancing people around, at least not in my circle of friends. Therefore I couldn't actually maintain a breakdance training routine myself and my skill then regressed gradually.

Thanks to the past me in high school, who became so depraved and neglected my studies, who suddenly turned smart when I was in pre-U. Usually, and I say usually, people who breakdance are typically those whose academic grades suffer. Allow me to brag for a while: so in this top 30 university in the world, it's even harder to get friends who breakdance. ^^

This brings us to today's video, shot at Temasek Hall basketball court.

I performed V-Kick here, in a super lousy outfit (really sorry about that!).

I think I do V-Kick relatively decently, compared to other people, and compared to my other breakdance moves.

Music is created by my YAMAHA PSR S900 keyboard. Enjoy!

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