Sep 24, 2012

1st Nuffnang Cashout

Finally I received the cheque from Nuffnang, a blog advertising community. It took me a month to receive it despite being a Glitterati member.

Nuffnang is one of the main income sources for Xiaxue. However in order to make a living solely on blog advertising, one has to be as famous (controversial) as her, which in my opinion, leads to an easy life because it's passive income and you're gonna do something you actually enjoy.

I'm not famous and no one really reads my blog, so the earning generated is so low for my first cashout (S$73.21), which took like, a year or something? So basically the earning is proportional to one's blog traffic.

Fortunately there's Nuffnang, which I first knew from my sister who's been blogging for years when I was trying hard to apply for Google Adsense which ended up a failure due to some stupid and funny errors.

I strongly recommend using Nuffnang, if you're a blogger from an Asia Pacific country. Try not to use other blog advertising portal like Adverts etc if you're already using Nuffnang. Your loyalty will grant you a Glitterati membership from Nuffnang, allowing you to earn more.

I'm using Nuffnang under Singapore domain because currently I live in Singapore and SGD weighs more than MYR in terms of unit value, as mentioned in my previous post, My first Churp Churp cashout. The minimum cashout amount is S$50 for Nuffnang, S$50 less than Churp Churp's, indicating that earning is in comparison faster from Churp Churp than from Nuffnang.

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