Sep 8, 2012

Barney & Friends Opening Theme (Erhu & Keyboard Cover)

Justin sometimes plays the Barney & Friends ending theme (I Love You) when I left the bandroom earlier during jamming. Then that morning I was thinking of making a cover for that.

However, from my finding, that ending song's range doesn't really favor rendition for erhu. And I went to search for the opening theme, which is in G major and it's rather playable by erhu.

Since it's so lively, I smiled more this time, with that funny outfit that tries to resemble Barney.

By the way, I was glad that I found a very suitable style from my keyboard, called "USMarch", which accompanies the best as this song's arrangement. Besides, using flute + glockenspiel is making the cover and the original song sound more alike.

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