Aug 15, 2012

Adele - Someone Like You (Erhu & Keyboard Cover)

If somebody asked you to recall an MV in black and white, most likely one who listens to English songs would say, Adele's Someone Like You.

Last year before I went to Sweden for exchange, I played bass guitar for the performance of this song by THreshold in Temasek Hall. I actually told the singer that there's just piano and no bass for this song but she insisted that there is and asked me to play for her. Fine then, I don't mind just playing for fun.
And recently I thought of making an instrumental cover for this song and listened to it thoroughly to play the annoying repeating piano triads pattern (do mi so mi) on the right hand somewhat correctly, and I was right ok?! NO BASS GUITAR!! Haha... It's just the bass notes from the piano.

Ohya, and a few weeks ago I found this Japanese version of Someone Like You, which I prefer to listen to, compared to Adele's. It's sung by two Caucasians (Mikaera and Kirby Henry) and the lyrics are translated by one of them, who's the guy. Awesome!

I used the same orientation as the Only Human cover that I did before this - Keyboard on the left and erhu on the right side, so the sunlight from outside can shine on me from the right side. However I made it in black and white and you should know why.

It's a relatively long one and it took me a while to correct the pitch on top of adding reverb effect so that it'll sound sweeter. 

Enjoy my cover in black and white. :)

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