Aug 18, 2012

周杰倫/梁心頤 - 珊瑚海(二胡&鍵盤)

Having thought of the idea of making an instrumental cover for a duet song makes me somewhat a genius (narcissism to max!), on top of causing a more cumbersome post production that took a couple of days, apart from the troublesome process of carrying all my stuffs (keyboard, erhu, clothes, tripod, camera, extension cord) downstairs, to my block lounge because I need to fit 3 me into the video.

I even printed a notice "Video Recording in Progress! Sorry for inconvenience caused." and tacked it on the door in case somebody wants to enter. But luckily no one entered and no one was using the lounge.

And so this time it's 周杰倫/梁心頤 - 珊瑚海(Shan Hu Hai or Coral Sea by Jay Chou and Lara Veronin), which I hardly heard any friends singing the duet melody correctly after so many karaoke sessions. I'm somewhat pretty familiar with the arrangement and melody throughout the song because I've written the full score out before when I was in high school. Next time if you're singing this song during karaoke, please listen to whichever melody carefully, especially the one in the chorus.

I played in the original key, A♭ major, which is an unusual key for erhu, but I was just playing by ears, hence it's not really a big deal. Harmonizing with the relatively same kind of timbre should be more consonant than any usual harmony, therefore I believed that playing duet even with two chicken-butchering-sounding instruments can turn out to be quite a success.

As my wall post in Facebook says, "Shadow Clone Technique leveled up", I was trying to resemble myself to Naruto, who always performs Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (影分身の術). The more you clone, the more hassle you're getting. Like me, scratching my head while trying to edit the clips thoroughly. Seriously, not fun at all.

Finally, please enjoy, and I hope my efforts weren't fruitless. ☺

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