Aug 4, 2012

Sadness and Sorrow 哀と悲

I've only watched Naruto until the 100th episode and so I'm not a too acute fan of Naruto, but Sadness and Sorrow 哀と悲 is my favorite soundtrack of all, 'emo' is just the most suitable one-word-description of it.

Ok well, I've been thinking of making an instrumental recording of this soundtrack. Initially I thought of playing guitar as accompaniment and erhu as the main melody, replacing the shakuhachi in the original soundtrack. I was in Penang last month when I thought of that, and recorded a footage for guitar and planned to record that for erhu in Singapore.

But why it didn't end up the way I thought?
1. The footage covers only part of me - I am not at the center of the footage and the upper part of it is just the wall (because I recorded by my own without assistance). Besides, it was done in a rush - few hours before my flight to Singapore.
2. When I 'meet' my erhu back in Singapore, the outer string (外弦) was found to be broken, and so unfortunately I ran out of spare outer string, and replacing it with an inner string (內弦) just didn't make bowing the 'outer string' sound properly.

Phew, and one day, and on very one day:
• In the morning, I had the idea of making the instrumental recording using violin and keyboard, then have lunch with friends in University Town after that
• went back to my room and recorded the whole thing in the afternoon
• edited using Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 in the evening
• and finally uploaded the videos to YouTube at night


The hassle

Thank God my effort wasn't paid for nothing. Shooting the video in my tiny room (although Temasek Hall has like the largest single room in NUS in terms of size, same as Eusoff Hall) is making me mess up my room- shifting the bed, reposition my keyboard, stand, pedal and adapter.

Furthermore, I had to make sure that I shoot quickly while there's still sunlight.
Also, I closed the windows and door, switched off the ceiling fan and table fan for clearer audio, and doing that made me sweat like pig in my own room.


I have to disclaim one fact, that I've never taken any violin lessons before and hence I don't actually know how to play a violin. The violin I was playing was my birthday present from Leong Chye. Therefore, please don't judge me too critically. I admit that my posture or technique of bowing and pressing on the strings are all wrong.
Bear with it please.

And because of that I took very long to record footage for violin because I just suck at playing it.

If you're wondering how I sync the tempo, here's the answer, I was putting on earphone in my left ear when I was playing violin. That accounts for this and for the hassle of taking my phone out of my pocket and replaying from the beginning whenever I needed to rerecord the whole thing.

Video editing

This is the final saikang before uploading, and seriously, in the near future I need a faster laptop. The preview and rendering are just way to slow in Premiere Pro.

At the beginning I thought I will just fail to create the cloning effect properly because the exposure of two instrumental footages are different and there's an obvious separation line in between them when I put them together, which I had to cover with a random shape or something that didn't look decent.
However from YouTube, I learnt another method of using Linear Wipe in Video Effects, which was so much better because it comes with feathering.

Thanks for reading my wordy introduction, and now please enjoy watching (available in HD)!

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Javin Tham MSc, PMP, PMI-ACP, CSSBB, CQPA, CQIA, MSOE, MIPlantE Industrie 4.0 Consultant | Pop Piano Coach | YouTube Coverist

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  1. Not bad
    Sadness and sorrow is one of the best tracks, I used to cry every time I listen to it. You should check these two guys, they play all the naruto soundtracks, they're amazing