Aug 27, 2012

BIGBANG - Monster (Keyboard Cover)

I am not a K-Pop fan, but recently I saw a Facebook wall post from one of my friends, Tan Swan. She posted a few instrumental covers of the song Monster, by BIGBANG 빅뱅.

Then I thought, hmmm, perhaps this song is something.I found out that this song is of dance genre, and I could use the TrancePop style to accompany my cover.


1. It was really stressful to play everything correctly from the top all the way till the end of the song with style (drum) - I need to press the triads on left hand when accompaniment mode is on and turn off the accompaniment mode when the style (drum) is off.

2. I wasn't playing the pitchless rapping part, since there's no way to play it. There're some rapping parts with pitches, and I had to sort of force the rhythm to adhere onto my brain so that I can play it relatively correctly.

3. I was using 2 different instruments to play the main melody.
Firstly, Electric Piano (from E.Piano category) was used to play the singing in verse and bridge, and the rhode-sounding piano in the intro, background and outro. Secondly, Skyline (from Synth. & FX category) was used to play the melody in the choruses.

4. The singing harmony in the bridge is quite hard to catch.
Part of the reasons I used SuitcaseEP instead of Skyline to play the melody in the bridge was, Skyline cannot play two or more notes at a time, because it serves the note-to-note gliding effect.

Well, that's pretty much about the bitter side, and the sweet side was, no cloning effect was required - less work for post audio and video production.

In conclusion, I actually find this song quite weird, and the singers...... -_- do they have to obviously portray themselves with their extremely distinctive hairstyles? But since it's somewhat quite well-known, I made the cover for entertaining purpose.

Hope you all will like it. Please subscribe to my YouTube chennel for more future updates, if you haven't.

Javin Tham MSc, PMP, PMI-ACP, CSSBB, CQPA, CQIA, MSOE, MIPlantE Industrie 4.0 Consultant | Pop Piano Coach | YouTube Coverist

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