Aug 26, 2012

Christina Perri - A Thousand Years (Erhu & Keyboard Cover)

During last Tuesday's jamming, I came across this song, A Thousand Years by Christina Perri. I'd never really listened to this song before that jamming session, because I don't really listen to English songs in the first place, and everytime we jam, I'll only join in to play after listening to the rest playing the first verse and chorus.

I was totally moved by the melody of the chorus. I went back to my room, listened to the song again and I found that I fell in love in this song, which is so beautiful.

And there went my decision of making an instrumental cover for this song.

This time however I had a breakthrough, by tapping on the python skin of my erhu (which I imitated from the cellist who tapped his cello in the same song cover done by ThePianoGuys) and shooting from extra angles instead of the usual single concentric-camera-center position, just for fun actually.

Like the previous cover, I shot the footage at Block D lounge, but sadly it was already 5pm and the lighting of the video is pretty weird and unnatural due to lack of sunlight (and I don't own any studio lighting equipments).

The next imperfection is, this time I actually listened to the song directly from my laptop far away instead of listening through earphones (well because it's somewhat troublesome and I'm super lazy). So if you by any chance are able to hear Christina Perri's singing behind my erhu's sound, you know why.

Nevertheless, I've once again completed a cover. Hope you'll like it.

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