Jan 8, 2012

Teo Heng @ Katong Shopping Centre

I still cannot believe that it's only one day from flying to Sweden!!!

Surprisingly I wasn't that excited as I know I'll be missing my friends in Singapore and Malaysia a lot, and the food, and the weather...

Like my previous post about Teo Heng, we went there the day before NUS upcoming semester commences, although not mine for this semester.

These days I've been staying at my uncle's place as I've checked out from Temasek Hall and soon will be going for SEP in Sweden.

This karaoke session was also considered as my farewell gathering, with Chu Luei, May, Kar Kay, Wei Jian and Eric.

We took away 白斬雞飯 and the famous Lao Ban Soya Beancurd from Old Airport Road and ate as lunch in the karaoke room, since food and drinks are allowed.

老伴豆花 Lao Ban Soya Beancurd $1.50

1-7pm and yup, my voice's gone after 6 hours of singing, consequently speaking's like moaning.

Mountbatten MRT Station
It's time to say goodbye, they're leaving to the west and me to the east from Mountbatten MRT Station.

T.T I miss hall, I do hope that I can secure my stay in hall in the next academic year, also my final year in NUS.

I want to taste back the friendship in hall, the activities that we had in hall, the crazy stuff we did in hall (like the washing machines theme)... XinYao, THreshold... I'll definitely miss the time we rehearsing and performing songs...
Playing badminton on weekends and basketball during exam weeks...

It's been wonderful knowing you friends. Goodbye, I'm going to a very far and cold country for months...

Pray for me! And all the best in your studies. Love y'all! Do update me o~~

P.S.: The soya beancurd was awesome!!!

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