Dec 9, 2011

Selangor Trip

06 (Tue) - 09 (Fri) Dec 2011
Lodging: Wei Zheng's, Wil Sen's and Chu Luei's house

I have three hall friends (Wei Zheng, Wil Sen and Chu Luei) who came from Subang, Selangor - at least this triggered my motivation to travel there for a few days to taste the food and hang around.

Day 1

Temasek Hall, NUS
Wil Sen and Wei Zheng checked out and returned their transponders at the office while waiting our hired taxi to arrive at the front porch.

We boarded Firstcoach and departed at 2:45pm from The Plaza at Beach Road, all the way to Holiday Villa, Subang Jaya, Selangor.

The bus fare was S$36.

We reached the hotel at 7:30pm, earlier than expected.
I'll be staying at Wei Zheng's house tonight so he and I were waiting for his mother to pick us up.

Most of the luggages are Wei Zheng's - he had damn lots of stuffs to bring back home...

This is Wei Zheng's eldest sister's room, where we're sleeping in together for that night.

After having a pleasant dinner with his family members in the dining chamber, I Facebooked in the living room while he's finding the way to switch on the TV which he hasn't been switching on for ages.

Wei Zheng's father came back and brought us for 福建炒麵 (Hokkien fried noodles) after collecting house rental at somewhere pretty far away from Subang - even Wei Zheng didn't know where's it. The noodles were delicious, although Wei Zheng seemed to be having an unpleasant journey there, hmmm....

Lights off, we HTHT before falling asleep.

Day 2

Good morning!!
And that morning started off with breakfast at 等久久 豬肉粉 @ Jalan SS15/4B with Wei Zheng and his younger sister.
顧名思義, it is so well-known around the district for it's super delicious pork noodles which are only served 30 minutes later upon ordering at normal hours.

We're asked to wait for 20 minutes since we're visiting at a considerably unusual hour, and we're served after 15 minutes.

By the way, it's also the first time I learnt what is called "Double Parking", where a car is illegally parked one unit outwards of the car legally side-parked. You can only use this technique when you're double parking near to where you're visiting, so in case the owner of the inner car honked when he/she intends to exit, you can immediately shift your outer car after expressing your apology to him/her.
To be truthful, I've never seen such phenomenon in Penang before and that's why I didn't know there's such parking method in Selangor or anywhere else.

After all, it's 檳城豬肉粉 ^_^

Here comes the famous 豬肉粉 in Subang. The soup, awww, is really so tasty and tantalizing even when it's hot and making you sweaty in the beginning of the day, however the taste is just simply unforgettable that you'll miss it (like I am now T_T).
Subang residents are really blessed with this fabulous delicacy.

That night I'll be staying at Wil Sen's house, and before heading back to Wei Zheng's house to transport my luggages, he showed me around his mother's tuition centre after dropping his sister there.

You'll see tonnes of trophies and awards his family members have won since primary school.

If compared to mine... -_-...

While the most remarkable one is this 'A' Level award achieved by Wei Zheng, making the entire family so proud of.

The next destination will be Wil Sen's house at USJ where I deposited my luggages at.

Wei Zheng's driving us to Damansara.

Fortunately Wei Zheng's driving the car with an automatic transmission. :)

We reached The Curve and planned to watch movie since there's nothing else to do.

e@Curve, where Cathay Cineplexes is located.

We don't understand why would Wei Zheng be so courageous to wear our 1st year Temasek Hall orientation (Immortalé) T-shirt there, quite embarrassing isn't it? But he kept reasoning that he didn't know we would come to such place.
However as we all know that Wei Zheng possesses an 'uncle' characteristic, we tried to tolerate that.

We're heading towards the cinema and having a hard time deciding which movie to watch - Arthur Christmas or Magic to Win. We ended up buying three Arthur Christmas movie tickets which will be screened more than one hour later. In the meantime, we walked walked around at e@Curve, IKEA and Ikano Power Centre.

We played foosball, where Wil Sen showed his skill with 1 against 2.

We visited IKEA for the Swedish Meatballs.

It's time for movie and we walked back to e@Curve. And oh yeah, we picked the wrong seats as the big screen is not located at where we thought it was when we bought the tickets at the counter - ended up with neckache.

Movie's ended and we're heading back to Subang and will meet Chu Luei for a light dinner and some snacks at a night market in Cheras at night.

It's past 5pm and from the SMS I received from Chu Luei "Enjoy the traffic jam", we knew that this was no joke and we'll have to bear a series of traffic jams ahead of us from Damansara back to Subang via Damansara–Puchong Expressway (LDP), and what I could merely do was extending my gratitude to poor little driver Wei Zheng.

And finally we reached Chu Luei's house at 6:20pm.

Her very hospitable and humble mother made us kumquat juice and served us macarons.

They brought me to 桂生茶餐室 (Kwai Sun Restaurant) at SS15 for light dinner before heading to Cheras.

滑蛋河 Wad Dan Hor

福建麵 Hokkien Mee

The journey to Taman Connaught Night Market in Cheras was so long and arduous as three of the guys including me had our bladders fully filled - we rushed into Secret Recipe's toilet as soon as we reached there.

A few walking distances down the sloppy road and there it is -
Taman Connaught Night Market.

It is one long-stretched night market across a number of roads set up every Wednesday night.

Curry fishballs which Chu Luei's been craving for

Dragon Tart

乜都有 Mat Toh Yau Sweet Desserts

Wil Sen: Hey Kai Sheng, when you don't know where to throw your garbage here, you know what to do or not?
Me: How?
Wil Sen: (Pretended to accidentally drop the garbage) Oh shit, I dropped my garbage.

This is not good to learn, but you can't possibly find a garbage bin in a night market in Malaysia and if you could, I bet the bin will be overflowing. Therefore, just be skillful and natural when you're committing.

We found a place to sit down and three of them ordered asam laksa which I don't eat, what a waste being a Penangite, they commented.

We continued walking after that and reached the end of the night market.

We then turned back and walked the opposite way back to where we entered from.

Some shots before Wil Sen and Wei Zheng leave for SEP.

It's a long journey back to Subang again. Thanks to Wei Zheng who drove for the day and finally dropped me at Wil Sen's house.
Wil Sen then brought me to play pool and eat Ramli burger since the night was still young.

I was quite scared as you know, gangsters hang out at this kind of place.

It was pretty embarrassing that I lose all 5 matches to Wil Sen. Gosh, really need to practice more.

We're sleeping in the same room that night, so we HTHT like the first night with Wei Zheng until we fell asleep.

Day 3

Good morning again! Tonight's lodging will be Chu Luei's house, and generous Wei Zheng picked me and my luggages from Wil Sen's house and dropped me at Chu Luei's at 10:30am.

I didn't expect to have breakfast at Chu Luei's house because we're going to have breakfast as Uncle Seng Restaurant later, but if you remember, her hospitable mother initially made me a coffee, then added milk powder to my coffee before I agreed, I mean I'm happy with it but her mother was being too generous to guests like me. Haha...

That's not the end, there're porridge, scramble eggs and fruits later. Irresistible hospitality. ^^

Sadly, Wil Sen didn't join us that day.

Chu Luei was the driver for the day, fetching me and Wei Zheng for brunch at Uncle Seng Restaurant at SS15.

We spent some time wandering around SS15 for a parking - that serves the reason for double parking.

The Wan Tan Mee is white in colour, unlike ordinary one in dark. It didn't really taste extraordinary though.

Today we're going to Sunway Pyramid.

It was somewhat suggested by me just because I want to try ice skating as I've never ice skated before.

... and the chill of the skating rink is in the air...

Here it is, Sunway Pyramid Ice, Malaysia largest indoor skating rink.

Because of school holiday, the entrance fee was RM23 per person instead of RM15.

The upcoming unfortunate thing is, there'll be ice resurfacing at 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm and 8pm during school holiday, and we entered the rink at 1:45pm - doomed. For not long we skated, we're chased out to give way to the ice resurfacer.
After resurfacing, I don't understand why we're still not allowed to enter the rink while some skilled skaters can. Discrimination? I just know that we paid to skate.
We skated for about 2 hours. It's fun as it's my first time ice skating. Thought I would fall like hell (although I fell down a few times), I think some roller skating experiences help a lot.

The skating process was painful apart from falling down - Chu Luei had blister at one of her feet while I had mine at my right ankle. Does the problem lie on our skating posture or sizes of skate shoe?

Well, we still have time at Sunway Pyramid, next on, my favourite arcade during high school - ParaParaParadise 2ndMIX

Played both Para Para and Freestyle modes for a few times, to refresh the steps and style.

Someone stop Wei Zheng please! He's addicted to playing this even for his first time dancing on this machine.

While Chu Luei refused to even attempt the first time as she said it's a waste of money playing this kind of thing.
(Wow, a rich girl's telling me that...)

A&W Rootbeer Float came next, and it's been long since I stepped into an A&W restaurant.

And it's time to make our move back home. Chu Luei's father's treating dinner for the night, and while waiting for him to be back, I accompanied Chu Luei to pharmacy to collect some drugs for her parents and to Subang Parade to buy her elder brother and his wife a birthday cum Christmas present.
Chu Luei, her father, mother, 2nd elder brother and his wife were at the dinner at a Chinese cuisine restaurant. *Shy shy*
Wei Zheng's supposed to turn up but he flew our aeroplane.




Chu Luei has very talkative family members, enjoying teasing one another joyfully. I seemed to be one of the victims.

No HTHT for the night because I was sleeping in her elder brother's room.

Had to sleep early because we're taking bus early in the next morning from Berjaya Times Square which is in KL and his father has to fetch us there quite early due to work.

I was having a hard time falling asleep because of the difference in the sleeping environments these few days. But really thank them for providing me lodging.

Day 4

No photos for the last day.

Chu Luei and I took StarMart express bus for S$30 back to Singapore for our respective co-curricular activities (TH Production, TH Film and IHG sports) in Temasek Hall.

It's actually just 4 days, but it seemed long, because I've substantially spent them during the trip.

I'm extremely grateful to my hosts, Wei Zheng, Wil Sen and Chu Luei for not only providing me lodging but treating me almost every meal. I hope that you guys can visit me in Penang next time so that I can provide the hospitality in return.

P.S.: I forgot to bring my laptop charger although I brought my laptop to Malaysia. Darn it...

For more photos, please check out my photo album Selangor Trip on Facebook.

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