Oct 5, 2011

Lab: ME3162-2 Turning

Turning Lathe
One of the reasons I feel that it's most fun doing lab for ME3162 Manufacturing Processes ever since my first year in Mechanical Engineering is, no lab report, and they grade you based on your end product.
Besides, it's really more fun doing ME3162 labs as you really see the physical outcome of an object machined by you yourself.

Somehow I like the workshop-style of activity, but not the dirty part of it.

We're divided into groups of two students and I was grouped with a Malay student whom I hadn't acquainted with before that.
The lab title is "Turning", compared to the previous one, "Milling", "Turning" has got to do with a cylindrical object, as it's being machined while rotated about its longitudinal axis.
As you can see from the picture on the right, the workpiece was clamped to the three jaw chuck that will rotate at 600rpm after switched on.
The workpiece was initially a small aluminium cylinder with rough surface. Our job was to machine it to the final dimensions as drawn in the lab manual.

We first cut the outer diameter of the workpiece to the required one with the cutter (we just had to move the cutter inwards as the fast rotation of the workpiece made itself able to be cut) and face mill it to the required length.

Metal Scraps
Immediately we see a clean and clear surface of the aluminium workpiece, with excess of irritating unwanted metal scraps (picture on the left) which sometimes you really have to remove using a pair of pliers when it gets too annoying.

Those are the cutting processes, the next process is drilling, That's easy, but the depth of hole which I measured with vernier caliper seemed to have a difference of 0.1mm with the required one, but seriously, who cares?! Haha...

The following process was still cutting, but this time with an angle of 10° from the top surface.

The final one was milling the sharp edges of the machined workpiece using a mill file, by holding and pressing it on the edges of the workpiece while rotating (so dangerous...).

These are our final products and mine is the one with "3J2 T3" engraved on it.

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