Oct 18, 2011

Lizard Trap

I've captured a Charmander!!

Well, it's a cockroach cum lizard trap that my mum passed to me in Penang before I left for Singapore again.

Recently there's been one lizard in my room. I didn't mind when there's a lizard in my room because it's a kind of beneficial reptile (or is it?), but the 'tsk tsk tsk...' sound it made was annoying, especially when it disturbed me during my bedtime. Therefore, I decided to use my first trap.

Setting the trap is easy. Tear off the adhesive cover and there're already baits on the adhesive layer as lure. The lizard was then stuck on the adhesive and unable to make any move anymore, that's how it's "dead". It took me around 3 days to be successful in the hunt (maybe I didn't sound the Hunter's Horn ^^).

Perhaps you might be blaming me now for doing this to a living creature, but since lizard traps exist, there should be a need to catch lizard right? Hehe... :)

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