Oct 14, 2011

Dark circles

Right from the time when I underwent my first corneal transplant surgery a year ago, my dark circles didn't stop growing darker, and that's so annoying as they affect my physical appearance.
When I consulted the eye specialist at SNEC, she did mention that the eye drops I used may darken my lower eye lids. Well, I had surgery on one eye at a time, but why did I have dark circles on both eyes?

I don't have enough sleep? Ok, normally I sleep at 12am every night, which is earlier than 90% of the NUS students' sleeping hours I guess? And why don't my friends have dark circles then?

My dark circles are like this guy's, haha...

Well, maybe I'm not as handsome as he is, so it's better to get rid of the stupid dark circles.

Cucumber Eye Mask
My mum cut me slices of cucumber, put them in a container, and I kept them in the fridge when I was back to Singapore from Penang.

It's my first time trying putting slices of cucumber on my eyes, and I was only doing this when I was taking a nap, sometimes even with eye mask on to prevent them from slipping of. They're cooling, besides making me part of the salad.

Later on, I found out that I actually can dip cottons into the "juice" of cucumber which eventually precipitates in the fridge, and afterwards, like the picture, apply them this way and so I am able to do my work in the process of getting rid of the dark circles.

Dark circles,

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