Apr 7, 2011

XinYao MV 《我們都是一家人》

This academia year Temasek Hall VPU (Video Production Unit) proposed to make TH XinYao an MV.
As a narcissistic head like me, I decided to use one of my compositions 《我們都是一家人》 as the song of the MV as it fits the theme.

演員列表:   Cast:
主 席:譚凱升 Head: Tham Kai Sheng
副主席:戴楚蕾 Vice head: Tay Chu Luei
秘 書:劉沛良 Secretary: Low Pei Liang
財 政:陳偉勝 Treasurer: Tan Wil Sen
陳嘉琪     Chin Kar Kay
蔡偉建     Chua Wei Jian
馮美媚     Foong Mei Mei
黎嘉宜     Loi Kar Yee
呂筱迪     Lu Xiaodi
馬 茜     Ma Qian
吳思融     Michelle Goh Si Rong
佘君虎     She Junhu
陳喬尚     Tan Chiaw Sang
田鴻羽     Tian Hong Yu
王 聰     Wang Cong
王加玺     Wang Jiaxi
王麗唯     Wang Liwei
殷術晴     Yin Shuqing
於槟赫     Yu Binhe

This song was actually upon a favor asked by some friends in Penang to be sung in a children camp, and I asked May, the singer to sing me this song to be recorded in the first semester (2010), and it was then synced while filming in the second semester (2011).

Behind the scene:

XinYao members were waiting for VPU-in-charges to bring the "BOOM" mic

The filming was done on 15 Jan 2011, sadly within Temasek Hall only. I thought going out of hall would be lot better as it won't be too dull for hall people as they've been watching short films which were mostly filmed in hall.

VPU-in-charges were patiently and skillfully filming all the scenes.

Things like filming MV for a committee like XinYao with original composition should be the first time happened in Temasek Hall, I guess.
It was an honor to me, and to TH XinYao 10/11.

I was so satisfied as I could watch my very own composition MV.

Last but not least, dear XinYao members, remember,
我們都是一家人 身上同樣的體溫
帶走你的冷 一切不開心的我都忘了

Javin Tham MSc, PMP, PMI-ACP, CSSBB, CQPA, CQIA, MSOE, MIPlantE Industrie 4.0 Consultant | Pop Piano Coach | YouTube Coverist

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