Apr 24, 2011


The next thing after exams is internship.
The next time I go home is probably September!!
My gosh! That's so terrible because I'm gonna miss home like crazy.

One of my concerns was "Who's gonna cut my hair?", as my hair is every time cut by my mum.
If I only get it cut in September, before that I'll just look like a caveman.

Despite having no hair cutting scissors, Joling offered to cut my hair, in the end using an ordinary pair of paper scissors (which I normally use to cut un-tear-able 3 in 1 coffee or Milo sachets).

And for the first time my room turned to a hair saloon.

Fan had to be turned off in such weather, kinda killing.

The outcome...

Looks pretty good (but actually a bit screwed up, haha...:)

The aftermath...

And pity dear dear who's doing the cleaning job.

Thank you dear dear!

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