Apr 12, 2011

Eeyore Plush

It was a night in Week 13, when exams were drawing near. And Chu Luei was in my room using my laptop because hers was unfortunately spoilt.

When I visited and left the washroom, I noticed some sneaky movement of a figure at the corridor near the entrance gate of D1. Nevermind, I just walked back to my room.
After a while, a girl appeared in front of my room and handed me something, which is a Baby Eeyore plush and a letter card. I think she just mentioned, "快遞 (express delivery)" and left (I didn't know her actually).

After opening the letter, I realized that it's kinda like an appreciation gift, which is from Hongyu, Junhu, Liwei, Maqian and Wang Cong, some of my TH XinYao members.

Thank you guys!!!

Thanks for noticin'.
- Eeyore

I love stuffed toys, but sorry Eeyore, I have limited space on my bed, so be a good boy in my wardrobe ya.

"Gingy, you have a new friend."
"笨驢 (Jackass)!"

There there Gingy, you have to be friend with Eeyore ok?

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