Mar 2, 2011

Lab: ME2143-2 Linear Circuits

This is one of the labs for ME2143 Sensors and Actuators

  • To understand the properties of an ideal operational amplifier.
  • To understand the limitations of a practical operational amplifier.
  • To be familiar with typical applications of an operational amplifier.

Sometimes you'll encounter bread boards in lab experiment related to electrical engineering and I'm always quite frustrated of the convolution of those wires on the bread boards which are full of holes. At least I got my specs now, if not... @_@

My mind was totally blackout even after I've listened to the lab tutor, but after carrying out the experiments, it seemed to be understandable then.

Signal generator

My lab reports:
* Note that these are for your reference only. Please do not copy entirely.
ME2143-1 Motor Characteristics
ME2143-2 Linear Circuits

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