Feb 16, 2011

Lab: ME2135-2 Drag of Spheres

This is one of the labs for ME2135 Fluid Mechanics II.

  • To investigate the relationship between the Drag Coefficient, CD and Reynolds Number, Re for smooth spheres at low Reynolds Number.
  • To compare experimental results with theoretical prediction of Stokes Law.

Well, that's just technical, what we did was dropping different kinds of spheres of different sizes into first castor oil and then engine oil, and timing them. That gives the speed, the density of fluid gives the drag force, the drag force, density and speed again give the drag coefficient, the drag coefficient gives the Reynolds number and ultimately, the Reynolds number gives the viscosity of the fluid, μ. Phew...
This is my lab partner, Tan Wil Sen.
He's been my lab partner since Year 1 because we're always in the same lab group, and he's staying just next door to me in hall. So it's pretty convenient as we can discuss about our lab report together.

These are the two huge tube with nice coloured liquids. The yellow one is castor oil and the red one is engine oil. Despite the fact that they're colourful, it's yucky to touch them as they're oil.

My lab reports:
* Note that these are for your reference only. Please do not copy entirely.
ME2135-1 Characteristics of Centrifugal Pump
ME2135-2 Drag on Sphere

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