Dec 10, 2008

Graduation Dinner

No more homework and labs;
No more ridiculous rules and regulation.
I finally can freely use a liquid paper (correction pen).

I'm now one of the Chung Ling High School Sixth Form graduates (Class of 2008).
A graduation dinner, or prom is held annually by respective batch of students.
This year's was at Evergreen Laurel Hotel.

Attire has been the cause of headache to every student, especially female one. Joling spent so long shopping with me without finding one she really thought was fine.

In the end, she got herself a white tube dress and myself a white blazer (I was made fun of with "Kai Sheng, is this your marriage ceremony?" because of this extraordinary white blazer, I mean, blazer is typically black).

Before the dinner, Hooi Tin, Joling and I went to Huey Yen's house for make up first, then I fetched them to Evergreen Laurel Hotel.

* Hooi Tin was having a hard time shaving. Lol~~

The ballroom

"She" is actually a guy and "she" won the "The Most Creative Costume" title.

Chung Ling High School Chinese Orchestra 檳城鐘靈國中華樂團

University will be our next destination. It's another time that separates us...


For more photos, please check out my photo album "Graduation Dinner" on Facebook.

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