Aug 24, 2011

Lecturer Playing Flute

Prof. Seah is a very funny and humorous lecturer in NUS Department of Mechanical Engineering, who is teaching us ME3162 Manufacturing Processes in this semester.
He dug out a lot of stuffs from his home and brought to lecture everytime (as you can see, Milo tin and aluminium cans on the desk).

When he was explaining materials that are produced from cold drawing technique, he showed a triangle, and then a flute.
Who knows, he started to play a piece on his flute, my goodness (and I forgot what piece was that).
When I thought it was epic enough that a lecturer played a music instrument in an engineering lecture, he performed two more pieces on top of that (a New Zealand folk song and 往事只能回味).
He definitely won already. LOL~

Javin Tham, PMP, PMI-ACP, CSSBB Musician | Engineer | YouTube Coverist

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