Jul 30, 2011

Street Food @ Plaza Singapura

Because of the NDP Preview 2011, it's been a long walk in the city due to road closure. Joling and I didn't have dinner since 6pm (food at Marina Bay Sands are too pricey, including those at the food court), from Marina Bay Sands, we've to walk all the way to Promenade MRT Station, and traveled from there to Dhoby Ghaut Station.

We quickly rushed to Plaza Singapura from the station before it's closed for some food. Upon exiting to Level B2 of the plaza, we starved like crazy and decided to just settle down there for any food.

We bought some from 동대문 Dong Dae Mun Seoul Street Food and some from Wow Tako.

The shop assistant of Wow Tako kept shouting "Tako 3 dollar, Tako 3 dollar, Tako offer...". I think she just didn't want any leftover so she did that, but seriously it's so annoying and she pronounced 'Tako' as '打狗 (dá ɡǒu)', so it's like "打狗 3 dollar, 打狗 3 dollar, 打狗 offer...".
A lot of people from China are still pronouncing English by replacing it using Chinese words, like 「beautiful - 彪特否」, 「congratulations - 坑刮出來的屎」(Reference: Mandarin Chinese Accent English 中国式英语 2:00-2:05 in YouTube).
And now not only English, they pronounce Japanese using Chinese words as well. Haiz...

As you can see, there're round standing tables so you can eat while standing (which I don't think is healthy), which is pretty convenient and 'Japanese'.

Teriyaki Chicken Stick 烤雞肉串 ($2.80) and Boneless Chicken Breast 烤雞胸 ($3.50) from DDM Seoul Street Food

5 pcs of Takoyaki ($3) from Wow Tako

68 Orchard Road
#B2-41 (Wow Tako), #B2-42 (DDM Seoul Street Food)
Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839

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